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Our Story

Myselfiesrva is an exceedingly distinctive selfie gallery located in the Art District of Richmond, Virginia.  This gallery has a vision to provide a unique approach to appreciating various art forms by making exhibits fully interactable, where both introverts and extroverts can express themselves!
  The gallery will also feature and promote both local and foreign artists, and their art will be for sale while on display.This is a totally unique experience because not only will this be a hands on ecounter, you are also being presented with fascinating details about different artists and their creations! So power up your phone and come take a Selfie !


Mission Statement

We wanted to create an Elegant Photo gallery in a comfine space showcasing Art, Photography and videography in one space.  Our shop will have 360 Booths ,Photo stations and Art Gallery all combine. We wanted to build an idea space for birthday parties, bridal showers and personal events for small personal crowds. We open 6 days a week Mon is booked for exclusive events. 

“Our Goal is to bring people together in a artful way.”